Sunday, September 6, 2009

September, already?

I can't believe that it's already September!
I am turning 26 on Wednesday and it struck me the other day that it has now been ten years since I turned 16. I can't believe it. Really. How did the time move so quickly?So, on 9/9/09 I'll be more than halfway through my 20s. :)

Mark has now started working nights. It's been a difficult adjustment because I miss him at night. I definitely don't like sleeping alone. I've been piling pillows next to me so that I can pretend not to be alone. Baby has been coming in and sleeping in the bedroom with me at night. I can't think of a better protection than a 65lb+ Pit Bull-Labrador mix. Let someone try and creep up on me. He'll be on nights indefinitely. Walmart is going to a 4 co-manager system. 2 on days and 2 on nights to help keep the store running. Rumor is that they may even get a hefty pay raise (fingers crossed!). It's not too bad, I suppose. He works for 4 nights from 7pm-8am and then is off for 4 days. So, he'll have more free time.

I'm posting my 25 week picture. Pretty noticeable change from the 24 week picture. Camden is definitely "popping." I didn't gain any weight between 24 and 25 weeks, but I think that this is because I ate the same number of calories and Camden actually grew, so he took some of my fat stores. It looks like I'm going to need to increase the number of calories I eat to ensure that he and I each get enough of what we need. I bought walnut-sized green grapes at Sam's club the other day and have been snacking on those...yum.

I hope that everyone is doing well. :)


Beverly said...

god that sucks that he's on nights but at least there's a chance of a pay raise. why does he not have enough seniority to be on days?! he's been there forever!!

your little belly is so cuuuute ;)

Lyndsey said...

They actually put the most experienced people on nights to ensure a smooth run. They are training the new co-managers during the day while the store manager is there.

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