Tuesday, August 25, 2009

24 Weeks

We had the 24 week appointment today. Camden's heartrate was 150 beats per minute, down from 158 at the last visit. Weight gain stands at 22lbs. Next month's appointment is the glucose test (YAY...not) to test for diabetes.

Here is the 24 week belly picture. It's grown so much in the last month. It's unbelievable. :)

What a miracle.

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Cori said...

I do my glucose test on the 8th, but my doctor seems to think that I am going to fail the first one and have to do the second one. I gained more than usual this last appt, and he seems to believe that I have GD. So, he told me to not eat carbs or sugars for the next two weeks. AAAGGGHHH!!!

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