Saturday, August 22, 2009

That's one energetic fetus

Last night, as Mark and I were laying in bed reading, I noticed that Camden was being very active. We pulled up my shirt to see if we could visibly see his antics. We did :)
My stomach was popping like popcorn. It's been a neat experience for Mark, because I can feel it all of the time and now he can see the evidence that his son is becoming stronger every day. He's been able to feel him too for a couple of weeks, but to actually see huge kicks and bumps is a new experience for him.
School has started back and I have to say that it's been the best start to a school year thus far. The kids are already great and because I'm now into my 5th year of teaching things are going much more smoothly. I can walk in in the morning without being completely prepared and without stress figure out what I'm going to do. Can't wait to see how things go with the AP exam in May :)

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